E4K: Commander Specializations: Fast Mover

Adjusting your Commander Stats for Specific Duties

Commanders can be setup with all sorts of stats.  I recommend setting up one or two with very high Travel Speed.

Empire: Four Kingdoms - super commanderTravel Speed is part of how fast you can get from Point A to Point B.  Here are some examples where fast movement is useful:

  • Attacking a Player
  • Attacking RBCs
  • Supporting Alliance Members
  • Capturing a Resource Village
  • Moving troops or tools to another location

These are all good reasons to have a high Travel Speed.

In the image to the left, the commander has a 78% travel speed boost.  That will help a lot when it comes to movement.

Erix Comments:  If you are going to be using this same commander as an attacker, you want good Melee and/or Ranged as well.  In the case of the Super Commander on the left, they have 90% in both Melee an Ranged combat strength.

If you are just planning using this commander for small raids, or transport duties, then a high combat strength isn’t necessary, since they won’t be attacking that often.

It can be very useful to have a fast commander to use to help support your fellow alliance members.  Using the right commander can make all the difference in getting support in time, or watching your friends burn.

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