E4K: Game Update

After Level 70: The Legend Level

  • All lords who reach level 70 unlock a new leveling system: the Legend levels
  • Each lord with experience level 70 now receives the the additional Legend level 1
  • By collecting legend experience points the legend level rises
  • You can level the Legend Level up to 500
  • Legend experience points are obtained in the same way as ordinary experience is: by attacks, the construction of buildings or quests
  • There are always new quests and they can’t run out anymore
  • The Legend Level is shown below the experience level
  • Lords with experience level 70 remain at this level. So there is no change in glory or other calculations that depend on the level

With increasing Legend Levels, new buildings will be unlocked.

  • There are up to 100 new building levels
  • The new production facilities that produce wood, stone, iron ore and food, will produce more resources at the first stage, compared to the max stage of the old production buildings
  • The Stonemason, Flour Mill and Sawmill will get new levels. Also production of iron mines can be increased with the new iron works
  • In addition, there are new stages for the encampment and the tavern

Kingdom resources are available everywhere

  • Coal from the Everwinter Glacier, olive oil from the Burning Sands and glass from the Fire Peaks can now be shipped to all other kingdoms
  • The Great Empire will have it’s own special resource: iron ore. However, this is only unlocked at level 70
  • Thus, there are 7 resources that are available in all kingdoms: wood, stone, food, iron ore, coal, oil and glass
  • However, the kingdom resources can still only be obtained in their respective Kingdom. Example: The mining of coal is only possible in the Everwinter Glacier, but they can be shipped anywhere
  • With a legend level (70+) the kingdom resources (coal, olive oil, glass, iron ore) may now be traded with other lords
  • With a legend level you can now trade and transport these resources to other kingdoms and lords
  • You can also obtain all kingdom resources from attacking NPCs or other lords if you are both 70+
  • However, you can only obtain the kingdom resources from other lords if you have already reached the required experience level to access the corresponding kingdom. Thus, if you attack another lord that is under level 70, you will only obtain the resource available in that kingdom
  • Example: You can only receive coal at level 25 (from a level 70 player), regardless of whether you have already entered the Everwinter Glacier or not
  • Resources from other kingdoms are now required for the construction of legend buildings across all kingdoms
  • With this change, the various kingdoms are closely linked and are now very important for progressing in the game

New Rankings League: Level 70

  • In the rankings there will be some changes to the leagues
  • The league 50-70 will now be the 50-69 League.
  • An additional league has now been implemented for lords that are Level 70.
  • This also affects the rankings in tournaments.
  • This change is a prerequisite for the new Legend system.

The New Hospital

  • The hospital has been revised, thus making it’s operations much more understandable.
  • A portion of all troops that are lost during battle will be automatically admitted to the Hospital as wounded. There you will be able to heal these injured units so that they can fight for you again!
  • However, units will only be sent to the Hospital providing there is space. If there is not enough space, only a portion of the troops will be admitted, and in turn survive.
  • Treating units in the Hospital is cheaper than hiring new units, but also requires more time.
  • Not only will the units injured from your attacks be admitted to the Hospital, but also injured units from your defense.
  • The Hospital can accommodate only a limited number of wounded. Despite this, the capacity is increased with each stage of upgrade.
  • In some stages of expansion you will receive a new slot for treating the wounded.
  • The research will now make it possible to treat more units per slot. However, this will not increase the number of surviving units after each battle.
  • Overall, the Hospital now has more levels to configure than previously, of which the first can be purchased with wood and stone.
  • Lords who already own a Hospital will be automatically upgraded to the appropriate new level.
  • There will always be a portion of troops that will survive an enemy´s attack when you are in the defending role. However, more troops will survive if you’re low level and less will survive if you’re of a higher level.
  • More Details Here!

Auto-attack planning

  • When planning your attacks, you can now automatically fill your slots with troops and tools.
  • This function is optional, you still also have the possibility to put your troops and tools in by hand.
  • If you use this function after spying on a target, the troops and tools selected will be chosen according to the opponents setup.
  • The autofill function will always select your strongest units and premium tools, but it can’t emulate more in depth player tactics
  • If desired, you can first select some troops and tools and let the system fill the rest.
  • You can set whether the automatic attack planning fills only the selected wave or all waves.
  • The proposed setup can always be adjusted manually by you.
  • This system will help lower level players learn how to fight properly, and save higher level players time when battling NPC castles

Soldier, dismissed!

  • In the barracks dialog it is now possible to dismiss soldiers on request.
  • So it is now easier to remove troops that you no longer require.
  • If units are dismissed, you will not get coins back in exchange.

Improvement of Horses

  • The mechanics of the Horses have been adjusted. They will now travel faster over short distances than in the past, making them much more worthwhile for shorter journeys
  • The travel speed of the Horses has increased significantly over distances less than 100 fields. Over 100 fields, the speed will remain as it was.
  • This change affects every possible use of horses: attacks, sending support, spies, stationing and even sending market barrows
  • The price of using the horses will not change

Other changes

  • The matchmaking system for the foreign invasion event has been optimized
  • In the quest book , the most valuable quest to you will always be recommended. Whether you want to do this quest next is still entirely up to you, the recommendation is just an aid!
  • A new feast can be held at the cost of rubies
  • Equip your Commanders & Castellans with look items in order to change the appearance of your castle and movements
  • You will now have the opportunity to skip your constructions for free, when the time is equal or less than 10 minutes

Here if the official Update post on the E4K Forums.

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