E4K: Nobility Quests – Defeat Robber Barons

There are several different Nobility Quests in Empire: Four Kingdoms.  They typically are around for approximately 48 hour.

Each quest has a goal.  And there are different reward levels for that goal.

In this post, I’ll talk about the Defeat Robber Barons goal.

Empire: Four Kingdoms - RBC nobility questI was level 62 when this screen shot was taken.  For me, I have to defeat Level 15, Level 25 or Level 40 Robber Barons.

These RBCs have to be in the main map (often referred to as “green”).

Typically there are three levels of reward.  Plus two “special rewards”.

The first level reward for this nobility quest, requires you to earn 1 point.  This results in 5000 wood and 5000 stone to your main castle.  If you are already capped for resources, these are added ABOVE the cap.

The second level reward requires 15 points.  Its a random piece of Epic Equipment.

The third level reward is some tools.  This level requires 60 points.

The two special levels are as follows:  For the top 100 players (based on points earned).  You get 1.5 days worth of Premium or VIP Mode.  And for the player with the most nobility points earned, you get a unique piece of equipment.

These reward are cumulative.  So if you were the player with the most nobility points, you get everything.  If you only earned 27 nobility points, you would get the Level 1 and the Level 2 rewards, and that would be it.

At the lower levels, the rewards earned, and the levels of RBCs to hit, are different.

Here is a screen shot of one of the rewards when I earned it.  You get the reward as soon as you earn the points.

Empire: Four Kingdoms nobility quest reward

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