E4K: Special Offers

Sometimes you will get a special offer when you log in to Empire: Four Kingdoms.

Empire: Four Kingdoms - special offers

Special Offer

To qualify for and earn the Special Offer, you must purchase rubies.  It doesn’t matter how many rubies you buy.  Any ruby purchase will get you the Special Offer, until the offer expires.

The offers are usually available for 24 hours, and then they are gone.

These offers vary with your level, and depending on what Goodgame Studios is offering.  Here is one of the recent ones I had.

An Example of a Special Offer

An Example of a Special Offer

In this offer, I can get a public order item with 190 Public Order.  That’s better than any of the public order items that you can build with resources.

Erix Note: Try to combine this with a 100% Ruby Bonus, or some other good boost to ruby purchases.  You might as well capitalize on the buying, and get as much a you can for your money.

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