E4K: Tool Overview – The Mantlet

The Mantlet – An Overview

Mantlets are used to reduce the damage the defender does to the attacker.  As with all tools these are always consumed during the attack.

Empire: Four Kingdoms - tool overview - MantletMantlet Details:

  • They are produced from a Level 2 Siege Workshop.
  • They cost 225 Stone and 525 Wood.
  • You purchase them with coins from the Armorer.  They cost 810 coin each.
  • You earn them as rewards for quests.
  • They have a slow travel speed of 15.
  • They reduce the defenders ranged attack by 5%.
  • Their “bigger brother” is the Iron Mantlet, and then the Shield Wall.

Erix Comments:  These tools are good to use when the defender has lots of ranged troops.





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