E4K: Unit Overview – The Deathly Horror

The Deathly Horror – An Overview

Deathly Horror units are the best attack ranged troops that you can get.  They cannot be recruited.

Empire: Four Kingdoms - troop overview - deathly horrorDeathly Horror Details:

  • They cannot be recruited.
  • You purchase them with rubies.
  • You earn them as rewards for quests.
  • They have a very high Ranged Attack of 162.
  • They are poor (15) defending against melee units.
    • They are poor (24) defending against ranged units.
  • They have a good loot capacity of 40.
  • They are slow moving with a travel speed of 28.
  • They have a high food consumption.  5 units of food per hour, per deathly horror.

Erix Comments:  These troops are excellent ranged attackers.  It generally takes a 2-1 ratio to defend against the horror units.


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