E4K: Unit Overview – The Maceman

The Maceman – An Overview

Maceman units are the first melee attack troops that you can recruit.

Empire: Four Kingdoms - unit overview - maceman

Maceman Details:

  • They are recruited from the Barracks.
  • They require a Level 1 Barracks.
  • They cost 225 coins per 5 units.
  • They have a moderate Melee Attack of 38.
  • They are moderately effective (28) defending against melee units.
  • They have a Ranged Defense of 6. They are NOT good to use defending against ranged soldiers.
  • They have a decent loot capacity of 32.
  • They are fast moving.  73 travel speed is very nice.
  • They have a low food consumption.  2 units of food per hour, per maceman.
  • Once you have a Research Tower, you can research Veteran Maceman.  At that point, you no longer train Maceman.  You train Veteran Maceman.

Erix Comments:  These troops are your primary melee attack unit for the lower levels.  They are also great for raiding inactive players in any of the Kingdoms, since they are fast, and hold a reasonable loot.  Send a couple of hundred of these out several times a day, and you’ll almost never have to worry about resources in any of the extra areas (ice, sands or fire).

Advanced Use: Once you get to Everwinter Glacier (ice), The Burning Sands (sands) or the Fire Peaks (fire) you can use the maceman units to capture empty villages.  Maceman units are very fast, and with the right Commander Equipment, you can zip across the map fairly quickly to capture the village.

I’ve seen high level players who didn’t research veterans use these troops very effectively.  They send a large army of maceman units.  They use a commander with a very high “travel speed” and “longer to detect army” bonuses.  This means your target gets a VERY short notice of being attacked.  Generally this is not enough time to get support or do much to defend.

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