Empire: Four Kingdoms Outpost Types

Empire: Four Kingdoms – Food Production

In Empire: Four Kingdoms, there is really one resource that means more than anything.


Sure… you need wood and stone to build new buildings.  And to upgrade them.  You need coin to pay for troop transport, new soldiers, spy missions and attacks.

But without food… you won’t have any soldiers.

When you start the game, you get a lot of quests.  These are good for the lower levels… however, once you hit about level 10, I recommend you go easy on the quests.  Sure, you can level to 40 in a few weeks.  But when you start getting your castle smashed by level 20ish players… it gets frustrating. FAST!

There is a solution for this.  Train lots of defense and offensive soldiers.

And for that, you need food.

Empire: Four Kingdoms Outpost TypesIn your Main Castle, create 8 farms as soon as you have the space (usually around level 10 or so). Start upgrading them as you can.  Balance these upgrades with other resource and buildings.

Once you can get Outposts, go for “Shiny Food” outposts. A “Shiny” outpost lets your produce 8 of the main resource, and 2 of the secondary resource.

A regular (aka, non-shiny) outpost (also called an ‘op’) produces 6 of it’s main resource, and 2 of the secondary resource.

In the graphic, you can see three Shiny outposts in Red.  You’ll see the little sparkles around the shiny outposts.  These are the ones you want.  The outposts in yellow are regular outposts.

I recommend getting all three as Food/??? (??? can be wood or stone, your choice).  This gives you the best food production.

Always try to get outposts near your alliance and your main castle.  This lets you support your alliance (and yourself) better.  More on that topic later… 😉

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