Empire: Four Kingdoms - Updating Game

Empire: Four Kingdoms – Update

New Patch – 2015-03-13

Event: Invasion of the Foreign Empire

Sharpen your swords, draw back your bowstrings, saddle your horses … it’s time for WAAAAAR!

In our new event players will be fighting against invaders. Which invaders? Everything you fought so far has been a test, but now it comes to the ultimate showdown. Your world, your empire, will have to compete against other worlds. In plain English: We will be running a “simulation” where selected Instances / worlds will fight against each other! Example: If Germany and the USA fought, who would emerge as the winner? Who will dominate the French, what about the British? Find out in our “Invasion of the Foreign Empire”. Click HERE for a detailed Event description.

Event – Banner of Glory

  • This is a new day-long event that appears every now and again
  • During the event, whilst the Banner of Glory is hoisted, attackers will receive more Glory Points
  • The percentage increase of Glory Points received and the duration of the event may vary. (e.g. 10% glory increase for 6 hours)
  • You can find this event in front of your main castle

Automatic Declaration of War

  • If a member of an Alliance attacks a member of another Alliance, or fails a sabotage attempt, a state of war will automatically be triggered between the two alliances
  • All members of the alliances involved will be notified of the declaration of war via an in-game message
  • All existing alliances will have this function disabled by default
  • Any newly created alliances will have this function enabled by default.

Bookmarks on the world map

  • By clicking on a location on the world map, or going to the player information dialog, you can now bookmark castles, outposts and villages, allowing you to conveniently navigate back to them later
  • When you create a bookmark, you can give it a name and mark whether it is a friend or an enemy
  • For server performance reasons, each player has a limit of 20 bookmarks at any one time. If you delete bookmarks, you can of course set new ones

Changes to Optional Buildings

  • The following buildings are now destructible: The Watchtower, Drill ground, Fire station, Construction Crane and the Production Boosters for Coal, Oil and Glass
  • Public Order has been added to the following optional buildings: The Mint, Ruby Mine, Military Hospital, Master Builder, Drill Ground and Fire Station
  • You can see the Public Order bonus in the Building Info Dialog

New Building Progress Circle

  • The current building process is now more prominent
  • Once a building is under construction, a progress circle at the bottom left corner of the screen will pop up, which displays the building and the remaining time
  • In addition, you have the opportunity to finish the construction immediately without major detours

Other changes

  • To open the chat window, you can now either click on the empty text box or the “Send” button
  • The Hero’s Banner should now be available for low level players, through the armorer
  • To make it easier for new players to get into the game, recruitment times (until level 15) have been reduced
  • The graphics on the World Map have received a major overhaul
  • Premium Mode in the King’s Market has been renamed to VIP mode. However, this does not alter it’s functionality
  • You will now receive a pop up if you have no space when trying to place a new building. If necessary, it will propose a castle extension to you (if your castle is not fully extended yet)
  • To make the first achievement levels more attractive, they now give more rubies correspondingly
    When you have an active overseer, the resource display (at the top of the user interface) for that overseer is highlighted in gold
  • Once the last building process is complete, the construction process menu automatically minimizes
  • Players can now see general information about a type of landmark, or location on the world map through the ring menu
  • The combat dialog has been reworked

Here is the official update post on the forums.

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