Empire: Four Kingdoms – Commanders and Castellans

Empire: Four Kingdoms - Commands and Castellans

In Empire: Four Kingdoms, you have Commanders and Castellans. Commanders are used to attack.  Castellans are used to defend. Commanders are used to attack.  You don’t have to station your commanders anywhere.  They all work from a “central pool”.  Basically, you attack a RBC or a Player, and pick the Commander you want to use.  […]

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Empire: Four Kingdoms – Where to Keep Soldiers

Empire: Four Kingdoms

Where should I keep my soldiers? I’ve already discussed the issues with food production.  Next up, is where to keep your soldiers.  Remember, there are two types of soldiers: defensive soldiers (greens) and attacking soldiers (blues).  And you generally want to follow the 80/20 rule. Keep only green defensive troops in your main castle.  Let me repeat […]

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