E4K: Upgrading Your Walls and Towers

Wall expansions gives you more spaces for buildings.  This is important, since it allows you to produce more resources and other useful buildings.

There are other benefits to upgrading your walls and gates too:

  1. The higher the wall level, the more defensive bonus you get, and the more defensive slots you have to put tools in, resulting in better castle defenses.Empire: Four Kingdoms - walls
  2. More Towers.  Towers control how many troops you can have on a wall to defend with.  So, the more towers you have, and the higher level they are, means more troops to help defend your castle.  Towers also help with Public Order too.Empire: Four Kingdoms - Tower
  3. Gates.  Upgrading your gates means more defensive slots in the front of your castle. This also gives you a boost to Public Order.Empire: Four Kingdoms - gates

Your walls and gates can be upgraded at various levels.  Your walls and gate starts at Level 1.  In order to build Level 2 Towers, you must upgrade your walls to Level 2.  You do not need to upgrade all your towers before upgrading the wall again.  I recommend that you do as many upgrades on your towers as you can, since they help with defense.

Upgrade Levels:

  • Player Level 1 – Level 1 Walls and Gates
  • Player Level 2 – Level 1 Towers
  • Player Level 11 – Level 2 Walls and Gates
  • Player Level 12 – Level 2 Towers
  • Player Level 24 – Level 3 Walls and Gates
  • Player Level 25 – Level 3 Towers
  • Player Level 50 – Level 4 Walls and Gates
  • Player Level 51 – Level 4 Towers
  • Player Level 69 – Level 5 Walls and Gates
  • Player Level Legendary 1 – Level 5 Towers

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