Empire: Four Kingdoms - Leveling Quickly

Empire: Four Kingdoms – Why Should I Level Slowly?

Power Leveling, or Speed Leveling is a good thing in many games.  The higher your level, the more new features you get, new skills, new abilities, better equipment, etc.

In Empire: Four Kingdoms, I recommend against speed leveling.  You normally want to level as slow as possible.  Now, there are a few times you want to speed level.

  • Levels 1 – 10.
    • Go ahead and push through these fast.  You aren’t attacking many players, and there are some cool bonuses if you get through these levels quickly.
  • Level 37 and 38.
    • Go ahead and push to Level 39.  This is when you get the Research Tower.  Push ahead when you are close to 39.

There may be a few other times when you want to push.  However, mostly take is slow.

Empire: Four Kingdoms - Leveling Quickly

Empire: Four Kingdoms – Leveling Quickly

WHY? You may ask?

Life in E4K is based on how many troops you can support.  And how many resources and coins you produce.

You want to max our your production of resources at each level.  In ALL locations, as best you can.  ESPECIALLY food.  This lets you have more troops.  The more troops you have, the harder it is for other players to beat you, and the easier it is for you to do stronger attacks, and to attack more often.

Once you hit Level 39 and get the Research Tower, I highly suggest you research as many new enhancements as you can, without leveling.  Since the Research takes resources, you’ll want your Resource Production to be as high as possible.  Veterans are a good item to research… they give you stronger troops (both defending and attacking troops).

If you level to fast… you end up at the playing against people who leveled slowly.  They have stronger troops than you will… and more of them.

So, take your time, plan your levels and upgrade the resources and research.

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