Empire: Four Kingdoms – Help, my Soldiers are Deserting!

Help, my Soldiers are Deserting!

Sometimes… it happens.  Your soldiers desert.  It has nothing to do with your personality.  Nothing to do with Unions or pay checks.  It’s more simple than that.

Food.  Yup.  Food… it’s that simple.  or is it?

Empire Four Kingdoms - Deserting Soldiers

Your soldiers need food.  Each soldier has a food consumption.  For example, Macemen consume 2 food per hour.

So 100 Macemen means 200 food is consumed per hour.  If you are not producing more than 200 food per hour, your food goes into the negative… and if your food levels hit zero.  Your troops desert.

And then you have to start over again, building up your army.

So, always keep your food in the positive!  It keeps your troops happy… and everyone knows… happy troops means happy player.  🙂

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