Empire: Four Kingdoms Tips – General Strategies

Here are some basic strategies Empire: Four Kingdoms.

Defensive troops wear green outfits.   They are sometimes called greenies because of their outfit color in the game.

Attacking troops wear blue outfits.

Specialty troops have other colored outfits, like yellow, brown and red.

Tip 1:  Keep Building Defenses

Never stop building defensive troops.  If you are in the negative food, then it means you need to do one of two things.  Raid RBCs for food… and/or build more farms.  You want 80% defensive troops, 20% attacking troops.

Tip 2: Defend Your Castle First, Ops Second

Keep your biggest defending army at your castle.  Then keep a second defending army at a close op, for support.   Keep your attacking army at an op.  In most cases, attacking an op is considered an act of war.  Most players will not attack an op.

Tip 3: Never Stop Raiding Robber Barons

Your commanders should always be moving.  Either attacking players, or robber barons (RBCs).  This will give you resources and equipment.

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