Empire: Four Kingdoms Tips – Courtyard Bonuses

To be a successful attack or defender, you need to understand courtyard bonuses.


If you are DEFENDING, you must win at least ONE flank, in order to prevent the attacker from getting a 30% Courtyard Bonus.

If you are able to defend two flanks, then the attacker gets a -30% Courtyard Bonus.


If you are ATTACKING, you need to win on at least TWO flanks in order to prevent the defender from getting the 30% Courtyard Bonus.

If you win at two flanks, then you and the defender both get 0% Courtyard Bonus.

If you win at three flanks, then you get a 30% Courtyard Bonus as the attacker.

This bonus is critical in helping the defender (or the attacker).  It can mean the difference between a win, and a painful loss.

Castle Defenses:

Always have 0 – 0 – 100 (or 100 – 0 – 0) for defenses.  You can tailor this to the attack if you are online during the attack.  I’ll discuss that in more detail in another post.

Generally, you want your Melee/Range setup as a 70/30 mix.

And ALWAYS go for the best Melee/Range equipment you can put on your attacking commanders, and defending castellans.

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