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Empire: Four Kingdoms – Update

New Patch – 2014-10-16

Max level increased to 70 and new upgrade levels!

  • You can get new quests to reach the new maximum level of 70 and to unlock new upgrade levels
  • From level 68 to 70 there will be new upgrade levels for the moat, gate, towers and your keep
  • From level 65 you can upgrade your tavern to level 4. this will unlock more agents
  • From level 43 you can upgrade the encampment to level 4 and unlock more commander
  • From level 18 and 28 you can upgrade the hideout to level 2 and 3
  • The architect gives you the chance to upgrade your woodcutter, stonemason, dwelling, town house and market place

Exchange kingdoms resources with valuable rewards!

  • The new kingdoms offer you new resources (coal, olive oil and glass)
  • You can spend the new resources at the native people’s village for some nice rewards
  • The rewards can be valuable units and unique equipment
  • You can’t send the new resources to other castles or in other kingdoms but you can loot them from other players
  • In every kingdom there will be a production and a further processing building for the new resources

Accomplish missions at the mercenary camp!

  • Mercenaries have set up a camp in front of your castle!
  • You can start missions from there and earn rewards
  • To start the missions you need coins and to get the reward you just have to wait for the time period of the the mission to finish
  • There are various quality levels for the missions. The higher the level of quality, the better rewards you will receive, at an increased cost and waiting time
  • There are also free missions, you only have to wait for it to finish to get your reward
  • Rubies can be used to speed the missions up
  • 6 missions can be done every 6 hours. If you cant finish all of them, the old ones will be replaced with new ones
  • You can use rubies to change a mission to another random mission. But you can’t accomplish more than 6 missions
  • The rewards of a mission can be units, tools or equipment

New login bonus!

  • A new login bonus will show up on your very first daily login
  • You can open 3 of 9 closed chests
  • In those chests can be various nice rewards, for example units, tools, rubies and equipment
  • You can get keys with rubies to open more chests
  • If you login several days in a row, the chests and the rewards will be bigger and more valuable
  • If you miss one day, you have to start over with small chests

New rewards: mint and ruby mine!

  • Every now and then the player can get a special offer with these new rewards
  • If you have bought some rubies you can get the mint as a thank you gift. Every day you can visit the mint to grab coins as long as its supply lasts
  • You can get the ruby mine for rubies. Here you can grab rubies once a day as long as the supply lasts. That way you will get more rubies out of it as you originally paid for it

Accomplish the daily quests and get a strong reward every day!

  • The Quest-log offers you a list of daily quests. Every accomplishment gives you 5 activity points
  • If you reach enough activity points you can grab various rewards
  • There are rewards for 15, 30, 50, 70 and 80 activity points
  • A daily quest can be the defeat of a robber baron castle, to collect glory points or taxes
  • Some of the daily quests require you to unlock other kingdoms, therefore lower level players can’t get all of the activity points
  • The difficulty of the daily quests and the rewards rise with the players level
  • As a daily reward you can’t just get coins but also resources, equipment and strong elite units

Other changes:

  • In the notification options you can disable/enable forwarded battlelogs from your alliance members
  • New players will get an extra login bonus for the first 7 days
  • If you reach a new glory rank, the glory dialogue opens up so new players can easily get used to this function of the game
  • The resource trader offers you a special package, which stocks your whole storage to max capacity
  • Players at level 5 will get a time challenge. They have to get to level 10 within a few days and can unlock a reward afterwards
  • The armourer offers you a new banner which grants you a higher glory points bonus
  • In the special offers you can now click on the random equipments to obtain information on this feature
  • The existing 2 upgrade levels of the guard tower were split into 5 upgrade levels. Players who already have a guard tower level 1 will automatically have it upgraded to level 3 and upgrade level 2 will be automatically level 5 in your castle. Therefore you don’t receive less of a warning bonus than before.
  • The game has a new soundtrack!
  • We did some performance optimizations for the scroll lists in-game, they work faster now
  • We fixed a bug that forced the game to crash due to full memory
  • You can now select the kings tower in the location list, if you own one or more of them
  • There are new hint messages each player can get at certain events. For example: If you lose an attack for the first time, you will get a message with the advice to spy on your enemy before you attack

Here is the official update post on the forums.

Here are my thoughts on the updates.

Level 70:  I think this is good.  I’m already seeing players in the upper 60’s since the update.

Exchange Resources: This is going to take awhile.  You need to build up the resource production building, so you can then exchange those resources for goods.   From what I’ve seen… the rewards are expensive.

Mercenary Camp: I like this one.  Free items for the Zero Coin missions.  I haven’t yet found a paid mission I think is worth it.  Keep in mind… I’m not a ruby player, so coins are hard to come by.

Login Bonus:  I *love*this one.  Free stuff, just for playing!

Mines:  Meh… Again, I’m not a ruby player… so spending cash to get these is not my idea of a good deal.

Daily Quests:  Again.. more free stuff, and relatively easy to earn the 50 points reward.  70 and 80 require you to have Ice (Everwinter) and fire/sands (Fire Peaks and Burning Sands).

Other Changes: I like the changes for low-level new players.  The lists fix is also nice (lists are faster now).  I did find a bug in the “smithy equipment” list… but I can live with it until they fix it.

Final Notes:  I like the changes.  I think its a good step for Goodgame Studios, and I think it will help both the lower level players, and those who had hit the cap (60).

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