E4K: Unit Overview – The Spearman

The Spearman – An Overview

Spearman units are the first defensive melee troops that you can recruit.

Empire: Four Kingdoms - Unit Overview - The Spearman

The Spearman – Fast, cheap defensive unit.

Spearman Details:

  • They are recruited from the Barracks.
  • They require a Level 1 Barracks.
  • They cost 150 coins per 5 units.
  • They have a moderate Melee Attack of 26.
  • They are moderately effective (26) defending against melee units.
  • They have a Ranged Defense of 8. They are NOT good to use defending against ranged soldiers.
  • They have a low loot capacity of only 14.
  • They are fast moving.  75 travel speed is very nice.
  • They have a low food consumption.  2 units of food per hour, per spearman.
    • Once you have a Research Tower, you can research Veteran Spearman.  At that point, you no longer train Spearman.  You train Veteran Spearman.

Erix Comments:  These troops are generally worthless.  Once you can get better melee defense troops, use them in place of these units.  In general, you aren’t attacked that much by players at the levels where Spearmen are your only defense troops.  Keep some around as they do OK against the occasional RBC attacks you have to put up with.

When you outgrow the Spearman units, you should get rid of them to make room for better melee defense units.  The easiest way to get rid of unwanted units, is to attack either a player, or a robber baron, where you know you will lose.  This frees up the food consumption so you can recruit better units.

Advanced Use: Once you get to Everwinter Glacier (ice), The Burning Sands (sands) or the Fire Peaks (fire) you can use the spearman units to capture empty villages.  Spearman are very fast, and with the right Commander Equipment, you can zip across the map fairly quickly to capture the village.

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